January 27, 2010

Broken and fixed part 3, a tribute to Horst P. Horst

Today i found the time to finish this piece and do some necessary postwork.
It started with an image and developed itself into an interesting series, because a lack of time just a yearly one, but since 3 years i manage to keep up with that: Broken and fixed 2009 is finally here:

The idea with the 2009 piece was to give some sort of a tribute to the outstanding photographer
Horst P. Horst, who was the inspiration to this iconographic image.

My approach was to use a mixed media technique but essentially tried to capture the same mood and fashion aspect like Horst did, thats why i reduced the postworked piece back into duotone.

The special thing about my mixed media collage technique approach is that a digital composite piece goes traditional and becomes a unique piece of art through hands on a traditional finish, a open edition print run makes the post -producted piece available for more art collectors, but only one can have the original.

Some additional infos about the piece and its creation: I worked from a 3d posermodel, the corset is done by fashiondesigners tolllkirsche for reference after the digital composing was done, i printed out 2 sheets and cut them into pieces and painted it over completely - hence the collage and glossy look.
Finally i added  that custom made shelf and put the band through the holes.

Below are the other two parts of the series Broken and fixed 2008:

Broken and fixed 2007:

January 11, 2010

New years rants and thoughts

As fast as the new years eve was gone, so fast new projects are approaching,
hitting deadlines for work and competitions, made holidays a little shorter than usual... But in the end i suppose its all for good ;-) .

On the upcoming weekend, there is again the big Airbrush-show in  Rosmalen held at the Autotron, called: "The Wonderworld of Airbrush". ----▶
For the most participating artists, this show is like a big family meeting, and its always fun to hang out with these folks. Atm. i´m still preparing stuff for the show and doing some regular stuff. If time allows, i´ll update next week with a few photos from the show here.

To make this blog a bit more worthwhile, i´m currently also working on a CG - painting tutorial for advanced learners, that will be split into different sections; covering the start -> finding ideas for illustrations, compositions, color theory and practice, etc...you name it.


Thanks to Erik Schumacher for the magazine pic;-)
Btw. there was this "create a cover competition" over at advanced photoshop magazine, i have participated because of the fun and nevermind anything, so i was glad my entry made it into the mag at least (the big violet one:)
As cover artist myself, i´m always trying to make the "Cover appealing" and  know there should not too much go on in a cover illustration, if the layout is, or especially magazine editors are going crazy with the typography, like seen below:                        ▼

So there were basically only two of the given stockphotos to work with, for making such a busy cover a blast: A wicked "portrait". Since i only have read one issue of AP before, but from what i have observed: its always girls, robots, special effects, techy stuff and bold colors.
In terms of the winning choice, Rob Shields entry and winning artwork was substantially buggered by the layout. (The face dripping on the shoulder)-▶

If you like, or want to support my effort in this one, go here and grab yourself  a 1440 x 900 wallpaper version of my entry! ▼

In other news: Fantasio is now officially part of the Artsproject !
If you like more regular updates, follow me on twitter or catch me on facebook, if you havn´t yet.

So, this was the mandatory "new years" update, i hope everyone has a good and healthy slide into 2010;
"might the juice be with you"
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